STEPHEN A. SMITH BELIEVES Steve Nash was hired by the Nets because of ‘White Privilege’

STEPHEN A. SMITH BELIEVES Steve Nash was hired by the Nets because of ‘White Privilege’

The NBA world is surprised after Brooklyn Nets hired Steve Nash as their new head coach. Nash signed a four-year deal with a team that is chasing a championship with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who will be completely ready to play when the next season starts. This move by the Nets management created quite a bit of shockwave among NBA analysts, and Stephen A.Smith was the first to react, and it definitely wasn’t positive.

After he complimented Nash for everything he did on and off the court, Smith continues saying he was hired because of ‘white privilege’. He believes there were better options for the Nets, and that he is surprised Durant and Irving gave approval for this move because they both probably had a saying in this decision.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no way around this. This is white privilege. This doesn’t happen for a black man. No experience whatsoever on any level as a coach, and you get a Brooklyn Nets job. I know that both KD and Kyrie signed off on supporting this move.

Stephen A.Smith

Smith believes other coaches had better qualifications than Nash when it comes to taking over a championship-caliber team. He named guys like Tyronn Lue, Mark Jackson, and Sam Cassell as some options that he believes would be a better fit, and he implies they weren’t considered for the job because of their skin color.

It’s definitely a surprising move by the Nets to hire a person without coaching experience, but Nash was an unbelievable floor general throughout his career. There is no question his basketball IQ and playing experience will serve him well. He definitely deserves a chance to showcase what he can do with a hungrier team than ever and has two All-Star players capable of beating anybody in any given game.