Steph thinks mankind did not visit the moon

Steph thinks mankind did not visit the moon

Full disclosure, I have a conspiracy bug. Not that I have a secret bunker because “they” are out there, but some significant moments in human history still remain mysterious. I don’t think the secret behind these are aliens or telepathic super-soldiers, knowing history, it is money and power.

So Kyrie and all that flat earth thing? Did not vibe with that one for a second. Wardell Stephen Curry II does not believe man ever walked the surface of the moon. We are officially creating a new category on Basketball Network.

While on the Wingin It podcast, from The Ringer Podcast Network, hosted by Annie Finberg, Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore, Steph asked the group do they think people landed on the moon. The room that with the hosts included Andre Iguodala unanimously said “Nope” and Steph agreed with them.

The group continued to talk about their skepticism that the technology level was developed enough for us to do so. Phones carried around in bags and plugged into the car lighters were used as examples, and that was in the 90s. These kinds of intuitive arguments may look like they make sense, but my college experience teaches me they are often misleading, a red herring if you will.

This one, I had some skepticism as well.  For one, my basic instinct to distrust government kicked in. Then there are all the “why was the flag moving if there is no wind” and similar things you can hear/read online. The technology level is one of the most common ones.

So I decided to research Wardell’s skepticism and found this very interesting video.

While the statement that an iPhone has more computing power than the lunar module (or whatever it’s called) is true, when you add context it makes sense.

If the current political climate didn’t motivate us to use common sense and try to google up on stuff (from credible sources), maybe Wardell Stephen Curry II. can.

Hopefully, that’s what he was going for all along.