Steph Curry gets his own brand with Under Armour

Steph Curry gets his own brand with Under Armour

Great players get their shoe line. Only the greatest get their entire brand. On Monday, Under Armour announced it was launching the new Curry Brand. The Warriors‘ superstar standalone brand is initially set to have basketball and golf apparel, with long-term plans to expand to men’s and women’s running and performance gear, with each category backed by UA’s product innovations.

This also gives Stephen something to really engage in. He’ll be actively involved in the development of the product. And we’re so excited to see one of our athletes being so involved in the product.

Patrik Frisk, CNBC

With Under Armour reportedly losing younger demographics, they hope Curry Brand will regain them ground with that specific target group by giving them one of the NBA’s biggest superstars to identify through products with. But Steph hopes for more than that. His focus won’t be solely on the business side of the brand. For Curry, it’ll be about using it as an outlet to give back to his community.

We are trying to plant our flag and just live out the purpose we are setting out to do with everything that we do and that for when it comes to product when it comes to marketing when it comes to our community give-back and our initiatives, all those things will be true to who I am and true to anybody that wants to participate and change the game for good.

Steph Curry, Sports Illustrated

A big piece of the Curry Brand is going to be investing in youth sports and creating a network and support around kids’ participation in sports. They’re starting by investing over $1 million in their four Ps: people, programs, products, and places. Safe places to play, programs that will get kids active in a safe way in fields to play, courts and around the right people and influencers, and products to elevate their skill sets across the board, regardless of the sports kids get involved with.

Another way that Curry would like to give back is by helping HBCUs, after his initial efforts in ’19 when Steph announced he would financially support Howard University’s golf teams for the next six seasons after the university hasn’t had a golf team since the ’70s. Curry hopes for more of the same, as he describes helping HBCUs as “an amazing journey we are still on.”

Curry Brand remains “an open-ended road map,” with basketball being it’s the starting point from which Steph hopes to branch it out while emphasizing the importance playing multiple sports has on the rise of an athlete. And down the line, Steph’s plan is to sign other professional athletes to the brand, in order to “pass the torch off to people that are likeminded and put their name behind something good and do good in the community and be a part of overall impact and thinking outside of themselves.