Steph Curry has a message for all the doubters

Steph Curry has a message for all the doubters

After the Warriors had a bad start to the season, a lot of fans voiced what NBA players have been whispering off the record – that Steph isn’t a legit superstar and can’t carry a mediocre team to victory. Last night, Wardell Stephen Curry II made them eat their words and dropped 62 points on the Blazers.

“You know the Jordan meme, right? I take all that personally.”

Steph Curry, ESPN

In a 137-122 win over the Portland Trail Blazers, Steph Curry went 18-for-31 from the field, 8-for-16 from beyond the arc, and 18-for-19 from the free-throw line to go with five rebounds and four assists in 36 minutes for a monster, personal-best, 62 point performance. As you can imagine, some of the shots he made were absolutely insane.

That wasn’t the only record Curry broke. With 27 seconds left in the first quarter, Steph missed a free throw after making 80 straight in NBA games. It was his first miss since March 27, 2019, in Memphis. While he remained 17 short of the NBA record, Curry’s 80 straight is a new Warriors record, previously held by Rick Barry at 60. 

After the game, Steve Kerr said the biggest privilege of being Steph’s coach isn’t the fact he can do things like this on the court, but “because of the way he carries himself, the way he leads.” While Draymond Green is the loud leader who’ll get in anyone’s face if necessary (and sometimes with it’s not necessary), Steph is the Tim Duncan of his team and era. A guy who’s obviously the best player on the team but doesn’t carry himself that way – not because it’s the smart thing to do to win the locker room, but because it’s who he is.

Speaking of Draymond, after impressing everyone with his performance as an analyst, Green returned to the court and posted an ultimate Draymond Green stat line. With only one point scored, Draymond had the highest plus/minus of the game with +22. Here’s his analysis of Steph’s historic night.

“Steph has a tendency at times to fu** around with the basketball. There was no fu***** around. Everything was a shot or attack.”

Draymond Green, ESPN

This historic performance will be one of the weirdest rewatchable because it happened in an empty arena. This was the game Warriors fans were waiting for since the Chase Centre opened, and now it happened with everyone watching from home.

“I wanted to take him out with 30 seconds left so the 42 people in the stands could give him a standing ovation. These games are eerie. You come into this beautiful building, and we’re so used to our fans packing every seat and going crazy, and it’s really sad — every game — home or road. I just feel sad for what’s happening with the pandemic, and we’re blessed and lucky to play, but I look forward to the day when fans are back in our building.”

Steve Kerr, ESPN

Let’s hope Steph has a few of these left in him when fans are back in arenas.