Steph Curry explains why superstars are reluctant to promote the vaccine

Steph Curry explains why superstars are reluctant to promote the vaccine

Steph Curry revealed what he thinks is the reason why NBA superstars are hesitant to campaign for other players to get COVID vaccines. He added that he hoped they would prioritize the bigger problem.

Curry on his vaccination stance 

Steph Curry confirmed he got the vaccine and said he felt it was the right thing to do. His teammate Andrew Wiggins was hesitant to take it but later relented and took the vaccine. As reported by Sideline Sources, the consequences of not taking it were the ultimate reason Wiggins got vaccinated. When Curry was asked why superstars seemed reluctant to use their platform to encourage other players to take the vaccines, he had an interesting take on it:

“Because there’s a huge locker room aspect to it, and that’s for better or worse. That’s a part of sports. That’s a part of just protecting each other in that respect. And I understand that that’s going to sound like that we’re not taking the broader, we’re not prioritizing the broader problem here. But I think slowly, you’re seeing more guys be a little more outspoken, a little bit more direct about how they’re approaching it and how they’re sharing their point of views. And I hope that, sooner than later, we’ll be the next league at 100 percent. It’ll be a good case study at the end of the day how we got there.”

Steph Curry, The Athletic

Curry respects the bro code: Whatever happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room. NBA players value their privacy, and naturally, NBA stars would not throw their teammates under the bus. Saying pro-vaccination opinions could create tension between the pro and anti-vaccination players. The 2-time MVP, however, thinks COVID is a broader problem and in the same category as racial injustice. If superstars voiced their opinions on racial injustice, why wouldn’t they do the same for COVID vaccinations?

Curry on why players hesitate to get vaccinated 

The Golden State Warriors star also claimed that clearing things that confuse the players had been slower than expected. 

“There’s a lot of different reasons that we’ve gotten to 95 percent of the league. But the other five percent, I think it’s truly just trying to crack the confusion and the uncertainty and the hesitancy that was bred at the very beginning. And unfortunately, it’s a slower process.”

Steph Curry, The Athletic

Kyrie Irving, who still refuses to get the vaccines, is set to lose more than 50 percent of his salary if he doesn’t get the jab. Irving was caught liking Instagram posts that allude to conspiracy theories. With Steph revealing his honest opinions on the matter, he hopes other players with broad reach could do the same. The clock is ticking, and the ball is in the other players’ hands.