Steph and D’Angelo have a rule on ballhandling duties

Steph and D’Angelo have a rule on ballhandling duties

Trading Kevin Durant was making the most of a bad situation for the Warriors. If you’re gonna’ lose a superstar, at least try and get something in return. That return came in the form of D’Angelo Russell with a brand new max contract – 4-yr for $117.32 million.

After his infamous departure from the Lakers, Russell had his renaissance in Brooklyn, showing that he can live up to his high draft pick and become a great point guard. The only issue in Golden State is they already have a point guard, and their guy ain’t all that bad. 

D’Angelo’s talent is not in question, but his fit with the Warriors is. Both he and Curry are best with the ball in their hands, setting the pace and orchestrating the offense. I don’t know if you ever listened to an orchestra, but there is only one conductor up there, setting the pace and dynamics for everyone. After a few days of practice, Steph said he and D’Angelo developed a rule for this problem. 

“Whoever gets the rebound, whoever is closest to the ball get it and go. The other guy just run.” 

Steph said he believes te chemistry will be developed “very, very quickly” and he is looking forward to playing with such a skilled playmaker. We’ve seen with KD that Steph is the most team-friendly superstar in the league and lets teammates play their game. But when it comes to developing the chemistry, it’s not something that happens by chance. This was a conversation they had to find a rule that works for both of them.

“For us to be successful there’s nothing that’s gonna be understood. It’s gonna have to be talked about and worked on in practice. Have to paint the picture and execute it on the floor.” 

Curry pointed out consistent communication from the coaching staff to the players will be necessary for the team to be on the same page and that’s the only way to remain the team we’ve known for the past 5 years.