Star players passed on Space Jam 2

Star players passed on Space Jam 2

LeBron shut it down for the season, to get his body right and to learn his lines. It is the summer of Space Jam 2, and it seems Giannis isn’t the only one passing on the opportunity to appear in the movie.

LeBron’s interest in entertainment, movies in particular, isn’t news. He started a media company a long time ago, and it was one of the reasons he wanted to move to L.A. and Space Jam 2 would be his first leading role. 

The Lakers season was a disappointment, in large part because the Lakers couldn’t get a second start to come and play next to LeBron. More and more we heard news of star players being reluctant playing on a LeBron team in LA. All the media scrutiny, blame if you lose, little credit if you win (most of it going to LeBron). 

As it turns out, those issues are continuing in his media venture as well. One of the main jokes during All-Star weekend was guessing how many players would try and suck up to LeBron to get them in Space Jam 2. It was probably a part of the pitch to sign AD to Klutch. It seems the status quo is different. 

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As much as GM’s and owners have to adapt to the player empowerment era, so does LeBron. The paradigm of controlling your message and story is excellent for individuals, so the same logic LeBron is using towards teams, other players are using towards LeBron. 

Why would I be second fiddle to you? I want to control my message. Especially that the level of control and production that goes into everything LeBron is well known now. It’s his way or the highway.

Or, maybe, they just didn’t like the script.