Spud Webb & Dominique Wilkins Show vs Lakers in 1986

Spud Webb & Dominique Wilkins Show vs Lakers in 1986

The 1985/86 season was special in the NBA league. The Boston Celtics at home in the old Boston Garden lost only one game until the NBA finals. The playoff was also marked by the performance of Michael Jordan, who, after his foot injury and a ban from the doctor to play, scored 63 points against Celtics, which has remained a record for the playoffs until today.

But season 85/86 had one of the most attractive teams in the NBA history – Atlanta Hawks. We will list the names of athletic beasts who were playing for the Hawks that year; Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers, Antoine Carr, Cliff Levingston, Tree Rollins, Spud Webb.

Los Angeles Lakers played against Hawks in Atlanta on February 25th and were great favorites to win (Lakers had 12 consecutive wins against Hawks). However, Webb and Wilkins had different plans.

In one of the craziest NBA shows ever, Webb and Wilkins ripped off Magic Johnson and Lakers. Webb finished the game with 23 points and 13 assists, while Wilkins scored 33 points and added 11 rebounds.

Only one week before Hawks teammates took part in the Slam Dunk Contest, where a 22-year-old rookie, Webb finds himself squaring off against his far more famous Atlanta Hawks teammate Dominique Wilkins. The twenty-two-year-old Webb was a heavy underdog against the defending champion Wilkins. Spud Webb won the Contest as he thrilled the audience with fantastic moves. He made history when he defeated Wilkins in the final, preventing him from retaining his title. Standing a mere 5 feet 7 inches tall, Webb became the shortest player ever to win the contest.