SPORTS PSYCHOLOGIST THAT WORKED WITH KOBE BRYANT: “He had a commitment to excellence and deliberate practice.”

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGIST THAT WORKED WITH KOBE BRYANT: “He had a commitment to excellence and deliberate practice.”

There are numerous stories about Kobe Bryant’s work ethic and diligent approach in getting better in pretty much every aspect of the game. He spent countless hours perfecting his skills while at the same time studying the game and his opponents. Kobe was a true professional who wanted to be the best in his craft, so he often had the best experts in various fields to help him out in different ways, mostly with advice and attention to different details.

A sports psychologist and mindful meditation teacher George Mumford worked with Kobe Bryant for several years, and during that time, he got to know Bryant and his working habbits. Meditation and having the right mental balance was one of the reasons why Bryant reached out to Mumford in the first place. It was none other than Michael Jordan himself who previously worked with Mumford, who has a track record of working with athletes who want to have their mind in the right place alongside their physical abilities.

Mumford said Bryant worked a lot on improving his shot, especially from the three-point land where his routine would consist of making thirteen hundred three-pointers daily. Crazy as that may sound to a lot of people, on top of that, Mumford said that during the season, when he hurt his hand, Bryant switched his shooting mechanics and was still able to be efficient.

“When I worked with Kobe Bryant, he was MAKING about thirteen hundred 3-pointers a day in the offseason when he was working on his three-point shot. During the season, he had hurt his hand so he couldn’t even hold the ball. In the middle of the season, he changed his shot and still shot a high percentage. He had a commitment to excellence and deliberate practice.”

Mumford worked with several successful athletes, and one of the things he observed on what differentiates them from others is their dedication to push your limits more than you could ever imagine doing in the first place.

“You have to practice that thing over and over again deliberately, which means with concentrated focus, the steadiness of mind, intention, and a willingness to push yourself out of your comfort zone. High performance is less about physical attributes and more about what you bring to the table when you commit to deliberate practice.”

That is something that followed Kobe Bryant throughout his career, especially during those times when you thought that he could no longer surprise you. Bryant worked out with Mumford to sharpen his mind and be physically and mentally strong enough to go through those crazy workout regimes in the summer and 20 seasons in the NBA.