Spike Lee is disappointed at the Knicks after the Patrick Ewing incident at MSG

Spike Lee is disappointed at the Knicks after the Patrick Ewing incident at MSG

Former NBA player and a New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing recently came out and said he was disrespected when coming to MSG because it seemed nobody knew who he was and that he wasn’t allowed to walk around freely around the complex. Ewing was disappointed with that type of treatment, especially when you consider he’s been the face of that franchise for 15 years while making them one of the best teams in the NBA during the ’90s.

Ewing’s rant about MSG and the Knicks ownerships was all covered all over social media, and it soon got to another person closely related to the Knicks, Spike Lee. Like Ewing, Spike Lee also had some problems with the Knicks’ ownership, which propelled his decision not to attend any of their games anymore.

Lee also came to Ewing defense, saying it’s absurd a player with that type of legacy and status is banned from entering the facilities. He says other teams wouldn’t allow that type of behavior when it comes to their respective legends because of all the respect they have for them.

I’m not blaming this on Dolan, but there has to be something just wrong at Madison Square Garden. Can any of you imagine Derek Jeter being stopped entering Yankee Stadium? Magic Johnson being stopped entering the Staples Center? Michael Jordan – the G.O.A.T. – being stopped entering the United Center? WTF!”

Spike Lee, via First Take

The Knicks ownership led by the Dolan family has been under a lot of criticism for the past few years because of how they are running the franchise. On top of that, they had several incidents with people closely associated with the Knicks like Charles Oakley, Spike Lee, and now most recently Patrick Ewing. Despite all that, the Dolan family has a firm grasp on the Knicks, and despite the fact they haven’t had any major success in the NBA for years now, the Knicks are still one of the most valued teams in the NBA. Luckily for their fans, the Knicks are playing surprisingly well this season and are finally looking like a playoff team; however, they definitely need to treat their legends better and more respectfully.