Spike Lee: “I’m being harassed by James Dolan”

An outraged Spike Lee went on First Take this morning to clear up what happened at Madison Square Garden last night. The famous director was trending on Twitter when a video of him confronting MSG security surfaced. Fans started speculating that he was banned from MSG, but later, he was seen sitting at his courtside seats.

What happened was, Lee has been using the employee entrance to get in and out of MSG. It’s not uncommon for celebrities and special guests to have access to such entries, but there’s been a change of policy recently – at least that’s what was told to Lee last night.

“I’ve been using the employee entrance for 28 years; all of a sudden, there’s a new policy. Here’s the thing – they have my phone number. Text, e-mail, let me know! … If I’m a day late with a deposit, my phone is ringing off the hook.”

Spike Lee, First Take

Lee was in MSG last Wednesday and used the employee entrance without a problem, so the policy change must’ve happened recently. While the Knicks and MSG have every right to change their arena policy, this is yet another example of mistreating a Knicks icon and legend. Can you imagine Jack Nicholson having a problem like this with the Lakers? 

Spike said he is done with the Knicks for this season, but that he will come back next season. Max Kellerman challenged him that it is Knicks fans sticking with the team despite everything that Dolan does is what’s giving Dolan confidence – he’s getting away with it. Spike has a different point of view.

“Teams belong to the people. If you’re a loyal fan, you live and die with your team. My father took me to the Garden in ’66, before they even renovated it. I grew up a Knicks fan!”

Spike Lee, First Take

This is a lovely sentiment from Lee, but the fact of the matter is, Dolan owns the team and is one of the worst owners in NBA history. As much as Spike and New York love the Knicks, James Dolan is still the guy that makes decisions and is incapable of getting an average team in “the greatest city on Earth.” The Knicks have every advantage imaginable, and they still have the worst win percentage in the last 20 years. Unless there’s a Donald Sterling level incident, the only way out is for James Dolan to decide and sell the team. Other than that, not much will change.

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