Spencer Dinwiddie proposes interesting rule changes: Optional ejections and 4 vs. 5 basketball

Spencer Dinwiddie proposes interesting rule changes: Optional ejections and 4 vs. 5 basketball

In light of the new rule changes taking effect this season, Spencer Dinwiddie has some interesting proposals in case he becomes the NBA commissioner. 

Optional ejections and 4 vs. 5 basketball

New Washington Wizards guard Spencer Dinwiddie proposed some interesting rule changes he would implement if he was the NBA commissioner for one day in an interview published on The Players’ Tribune’s Youtube channel. One of them is giving options on player ejections based on two technical fouls. 

“I’m Spencer Dinwiddie, and y’all know I got a lot of ideas. I’m about to be Commissioner for the Day. Let me show you what I’mma do. At the end of the day, people are paying to watch the players they want to watch. We want to watch, as fans, KD and Kyrie. So, if the Nets gotta go four-on-five for two minutes, then it is what it is. Especially if they got a tech in the second quarter, third quarter – I’m rolling those dice. Now, if they got the second tech with three minutes to go in the game, now it’s high-stakes poker, ’cause it’s like, “Do I play four-on-five, just so I can get 50 seconds of KD? And he might hit the last shot. Or do I say, “Look, it’s too close, it’s too tight. K, you had to be smarter than that, we just got to roll without you.” Because it’s only two minutes, it’s going to kinda be a little bit of a throw-off and a little bit of, can you solve the puzzle and get it right? You know what I mean?”

Spencer Dinwiddie, The Players Tribune

This is a wild idea that the NBA can explore. Under Spencer’s new rule, the team has the chance to save any player from 2-tech-foul ejection but play at a disadvantage of 4 against 5 for two minutes. The context will be completely different if the player involved are superstars like Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, or Giannis Antetokounmpo because they can decide the outcome of close games down the stretch. However, this proposed rule would bait the opposing team’s best player to commit a technical foul so that they could enjoy a 5-on-4 advantage. A lot can happen in a span of 2 to 3 minutes in the final moments of every game. While this rule may not earn a second look from Commissioner Adam Silver, it makes for an exciting game that the fans will surely benefit from. 

Spencer Dinwiddie and his new ideas

This is not the first time the former Brooklyn Nets player had some interesting takes or proposed new ideas. Spencer Dinwiddie had been tapped to leadership positions before by the NBA. In 2018, he was selected by the players’ union to run a basketball clinic in New York. He also proposed how people can invest in a player’s contract in the future.

According to Sports Illustrated, people can invest in a player’s contract as they would do in treasury bonds or corporate bonds. Dinwiddie can use those investments to pursue other business ventures. Once it succeeds, the investors would be paid back plus interest. The player can take home all the interests and windfalls after all the investors have been paid. It’s a situation where both parties win. 

Spencer Dinwiddie would make a great commissioner someday because of his forward-looking ideas. No matter how outrageous or ridiculous they may seem today, the important thing is to get the conversations going to find what’s better for the players, the league, and fans in the future.