Snoop Dogg throws down a dunk after receiving LeBron James Lakers jersey

Snoop Dogg throws down a dunk after receiving LeBron James Lakers jersey

There is no doubt LeBron James brought back the excitement for the team in purple and gold. Since the day he officially signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, his jersey has been one of the fastest selling items on their official website.

The #ChosenFew campaign which was launched by the team owner Jeanie Buss presented the new Nike jersey to Kenley Jansen, Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig on Lakers Night at Dodger Stadium. LeBron James No. 23 jersey was presented as a gift to other professional athletes and musicians.

Some of the names which were among the selected group of people to receive the gift were Jared Goff and Todd Gurley but also some prominent musicians like Adam Levine and J.Cole. The Lakers organization has shifted to a #StartTheShow campaign during the preseason.

Snoop Dogg is one of the latest celebrities to receive James jersey, especially because he is noted as one of the most avid Los Angeles Lakers fans. Upon receiving his jersey immediately put it on and threw down a dunk in a video that was shared across different social media platforms.

Snoop Dogg has attended numerous Lakers game at the Staples Center so, naturally, he was ecstatic when he received an authentic LeBron James Lakers jersey.

The famed rapper presumably will be in attendance when James and the Lakers face the Houston Rockets in this season’s home opener. The two last were together for the premiere episode of James’ “The Shop” on HBO.