Snoop Dogg goes off on the Lakers: “You better get this s**t fixed”

Snoop Dogg goes off on the Lakers: “You better get this s**t fixed”

Snoop Dogg published a video in which he is concerned about the Lakers and the way they are playing recently. The Lakers lost the last four games, and most importantly for Snoop, they lost to the Clippers, which wasn’t acceptable.

“Make me wake up with a f***ing hangover. Yall better get this s**t fixed. I don’t care about losing to anybody but the f***ing Clippers. I don’t care who we lose to but don’t lose to the Clippers.”

Snoop specifically mentioned that some of the bench players didn’t make the shots they were supposed to make, which was a big disappointment. If you look at the box score from that game, a few names might be the ones Snoop is thinking about, but we won’t mention any names and let you be the judge.

“You better start making them threes. I’m not talking to the starters, I’m talking to others on the bench. Start making the f***ing threes. Get your ass in the gym right now and go work on your f***ing shot, so when Bron throws it, you make it. Get your ass up and go to the f***ing gym, you know who you are, you, and you. Both of yall get your asses up and go to the gym and shot.”

The Lakers are playing the Portland Trailblazers today, and apparently, LeBron is sitting this one out after getting a consultation with the team doctors. LeBron missed only one game this season but needs rest and plan out the next part of the season. If that happens, Laker’s role guys will need to stop up big time if they don’t want to receive angry video messages from the Snoop Dogg himself.