Skip Bayless with an uncalled criticism of LeBron’s latest video

Skip Bayless with an uncalled criticism of LeBron’s latest video

LeBron James is still recovering from his injury that has kept him from playing basketball in over a month, and ever since then, it’s evident how much the Lakers need his presence on the floor. The good sign for the Lakers fans is the fact he should be back in action in about a week, and he recently posted a video of himself jogging, which is a sign he almost fully recovered. Even if you dislike LeBron, you have to admit the league as a whole is more entertaining when he is around.

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Apparently, Skip Bayless doesn’t think the same way, and for no real reason, he bashed LeBron’s latest video on his Twitter account. Bayless is known as LeBron’s biggest critic ever since he came to the NBA, but this is taking it too far, even for his standards.

“Could somebody explain LeBron’s IG post in which he’s jogging at 1mph up and back on an empty court? If he were sprinting, ok, pretty impressive. But this is pretty embarrassing. Did he really think this would scare opponents?”

Skip Bayless

It’s even weird to think about what is going on in Skip’s head when writing these Tweets, but any person who works in the media for such a long time should know better. Civilized discussion and sharing constructive criticism and opinions should be a norm for everyone, especially Skip, who often tries to create drama for no real reason.

LeBron didn’t post this video to scare his opponents but rather to show his progress since the injury. That is a good sign for his fan base and the Lakers fans who want him to join the squad as soon as possible. Skip is evident.

Nevertheless, LeBron has bigger things on his mind than Skip’s comments, especially with the NBA playoffs coming around the corner. On top of that, the Lakers are no longer the first team in the west, and the current 5th spot in the conference doesn’t look good if you want to maintain a home-court advantage in the playoffs. LeBron understands this is the best opportunity for him to win another championship, and he will make sure to do everything in his power to achieve that goal with the Lakers.