SKIP BAYLESS JUMPS SHIPS “I’ve never said Kawhi is the best player in the world”

SKIP BAYLESS JUMPS SHIPS “I’ve never said Kawhi is the best player in the world”

I’ll say it again: Kawhi used his bruised thigh as an excuse to quit on the Spurs.” Thus began the Skip Bayless hating on Kawhi act that aired throughout the entirety of the 18/19 NBA season.

Winning it all with the Raptors wasn’t enough for Skip to once again hop on the Kawhi train, as his resentment for how Leonard ended his relationship with the Spurs fettered Bayless from giving credit where credit was due. Skip was acting like a kid whose parents are going through a divorce, and he was full of hatred towards the one who ruined the relationship. The Spurs got full custody of the 68-year-old TV persona, marking the beginning of the healing process.

It took some time for Skip to get over the fact Kawhi is no longer a Spur, and to get to the point where he wishes all the best for the one who left him. Winning a championship didn’t do it, signing with the Clippers didn’t do it, but beating LeBron and the Lakers in the season opener – that did it.

Bayless showed up to the set wearing a No.2 Clippers jersey and new Kawhi Leonard signature shoes, as his hate for LeBron turned him back into a Kawhi fan. One great performance against “the self-proclaimed GOAT,” as Skip refers to James, was enough for the FOX Sports’ NBA analyst to bury the hatchet with Leonard.

But Skip being Skip, he couldn’t just leave it at that. He went from hating the guy to crowning him as the best player in the world, just minutes after publicly “forgiving” Kawhi. Thus began Skip’s second act – the Kawhi hyperbole.

Kawhi Leonard is now so good that, dare I say, and this is another big reason why I’m back, he’s now the best player on the planet.

Skip Bayless, UNDISPUTED

Over the course of the season, Bayless went on the record several times, calling Leonard the best player in the world. He did it after Kawhi’s 18 points fourth-quarter performance against the Blazers on the 7th of November after the 6-8 forward led the Clippers to a 107-101 win over Portland.

He did it over and over again without ever wondering what will happen if Kawhi doesn’t live up to such a title. Well, after the greatest choke job in NBA history, that’s exactly what happened. Kawhi is out of the race for the best player on the planet, and Skip will have to deal with the consequences of being wrong. But once again, he has an alternative – denial.

I’ve never said Kawhi is the best player in the world

Skip Bayless, UNDISPUTED

You should know better, Skip. There’s a record of you jumping ships, and it’s only one click away. So there’s no getting out of this one Mr. Bayless. You were flat out wrong, so deal with it. And before you try to push the narrative that you weren’t the one proclaiming Kawhi the best player in the world, listen to your co-host, Shannon Sharpe.