Skip Bayless finally admits LeBron James has eclipsed Michael Jordan in one thing

Skip Bayless finally admits LeBron James has eclipsed Michael Jordan in one thing

LeBron James is a global phenomenon, as he has a massive number of fans worldwide. But all that fame has to bring along some haters. And LeBron has a bunch of them, a lot more than you would probably expect. The most notorious and famous one is Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless.

Skip has been a critic of LeBron for quite some while now, not giving him any breaks and consistently taking him out of the GOAT conversation. It seems fitting as, on the other end, he may be the biggest Michael Jordan fan in the world. That’s why the statement in which he gave LeBron his props and put him above MJ was shocking for everyone. But of course, in Skip’s style, it had nothing to do with their basketball skills.

Back on Friday, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discussed on their show Undisputed on FS1 about LeBron coming close to the billionaire status and how his off-court impact matches Jordan’s. Skip had to admit it, LeBron got the edge:

“I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for what LeBron has accomplished off the court. It’s staggering to me. He shattered the mold, he blazed trails, nobody has blazed. That’s a figure, that $1 billion. He has eclipsed Michael Jordan off the court…Michael invented, created the sneaker industry — he is the sneaker industry. And there was Space Jam. That’s Michael. But LeBron went in every direction. Michael didn’t have such a vast portfolio.”

Skip Bayless, via Undisputed

We are talking about two different eras, but Skip is right. MJ restricted himself outside to court to the shoe industry in which he is at the top and one movie, without any other major endorsements or political views, keeping a low profile and focusing on playing ball. LeBron is the complete opposite, as he has made more money outside the court rather than playing. He has had countless partnerships and ads in the world of media, film, business, and culture. Some of the most notable ones being Nike, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Beats by Dre,2K Sports, and many others. He is pretty outspoken about sharing his political views and standing up for what he thinks is right to go along with that. All of that has been a vital part of LeBron, making his name a worldwide brand and almost a billionaire while still playing. 

With his businessman mindset, LeBron is not done with his investments and actions, as many people expect him to own a team one day. Who knows, that could be true, but one thing is for sure. That guy doesn’t play about his money.