Skip Bayless believes Kawhi Leonard’s game-winner was pure luck

Skip Bayless believes Kawhi Leonard’s game-winner was pure luck

Last night had several remarkable moments in both playoff games, however, none was more impressive than the game winning-shot by Kawhi Leonard in the last second to secure a playoff win against the Philadelphia 76ers.

This was Kawhi’s first ever game-winning shot of his career and it couldn’t come in a better time for the Toronto Raptors and their home crowd. The difficulty of his shot was extraordinary in a sense he was driving to the corner with Joel Embiid closely in pursuit. Despite being in an impossible situation, Kawhi delivered the impossible shot and the rest is history.

On the show Undisputed, Skip Bayless called it the luckiest shot he has ever seen in his long career.

“That shot was one thousand percent luck. That was simply the luckiest shot that ever fell in a playoff game forever ever. Going back to covering the Lakers here in the mid-1970s I have never seen a luckier shot that won a playoff game.”

After the game, Kawhi said he is actually practicing that type of shot so for him it wasn’t that big of a surprise, however, Skip believes that is simply not true and that there is no way he could have practiced this type of shot no matter what he said.

“There is no way he is practicing this shot to do that because I can give him one hundred thousand shots and he could not make a shot to do that because it’s almost physically impossible.”

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if Kawhi practiced the shot because it only matters that it actually went in and the Raptors are advancing to the eastern conference once again.  They will face the rested Bucks and the only thing fans can hope for is to see another remarkable performance from Kawhi because if he plays at the same level as he did so far, their chances of making the NBA finals for the first time are something very achievable.