Skip Bayless bashes Richard Jefferson for saying LeBron is the greatest scorer ever
"So absurd"

Skip Bayless bashes Richard Jefferson for saying LeBron is the greatest scorer ever

During the latest episode of “The no Chill Podcast,” Richard Jefferson said LeBron James is the greatest scorer in NBA history. Here’s how he explained it.

People might disagree with me, but understand this, the greatest scorer, it’s consistency, it’s longevity, and it’s amounts.

Richard Jefferson, The No Chill Podcast

It’s hard to argue against R.J. within the framework he had established. But for most NBA fans out there, that’s not how you decide who’s the best scorer ever. Jefferson’s case for LeBron is based on numbers. And James has been scoring for 18 years straight, with no signs of slowing down.

But for most people out there, how you score should be a part of the argument. And compared to other all-time great bucket-getters, LeBron’s scoring repertoire is very limited. He also doesn’t have the individual scoring accolades, nor did he have a scoring peak like others he’s being compared to.

But you can’t be too mad at Richard for giving LeBron his credit. Although he went overboard, the fact is people underappreciate James as a scorer. For everything Jefferson laid out – consistency, longevity, amounts – the Lakers superstar deserves recognition. But he won’t be getting it from Skip Bayless any time soon.

The Fox Sports’ NBA analyst couldn’t look past R.J.’s comment, calling out the ’16 NBA champion for putting LeBron above Michael Jordan on the list of greatest scorers in NBA history.

It didn’t take long for Richard to respond.

This is not the first time the two went at each other on Twitter. Just a week ago, Jefferson called out Skip for twisting his words, making it seem like R.J. said Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James. Judging by how often Rich praises James, and how often Bayless criticizes him, this won’t be their last Twitter back-and-forth as well.