Skip bashes LeBron for being hurt by Kyrie’s comments

Skip bashes LeBron for being hurt by Kyrie’s comments

Earlier in October, Kyrie Irving made headlines for praising his new teammate Kevin Durant at the expense of LeBron James. This is how LeBron responded to Kyrie’s comments.

Say no more. Skip Bayless put his LeBron hater cape on and labeled the Lakers superstar as ‘sensitive’ for his reaction. James’ delayed regurgitation two months after Irving’s take made LBJ look like he cares too much, and according to the FOX Sports’ NBA analyst, this wasn’t something he should’ve cared about. But Skip being Skip, he couldn’t have left it at that. You know he had to find a way to bring Michael Jordan’s name in the discussion.

Can you imagine Michael Jordan taking anything this seriously and personally?

Skip Bayless, Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

I can. It’s called The Last Dance. In fact, it’s called the entirety of Michael Jordan’s basketball career. He “took it personal” with Jerry Krause when the Bulls GM tried to make it about the front office instead of the players. He “took it personal” when people started comparing him to Clyde Drexler. He even brought the guy that beat him out for the varsity spot to his Hall of Fame induction ceremony for God’s sake. There wasn’t a guy in NBA history who “took it personal” more times than Michael Jordan. So much that it birthed a meme.

MJ became the king of taking it personal; ergo, Skip should give LeBron a break when he does the same. Otherwise, he’s just hating on the guy. Then again, with Skip Bayless, that’s what it’s all about.