Should the Brooklyn Nets add Joe Johnson next season?

Should the Brooklyn Nets add Joe Johnson next season?

The Brooklyn Nets are not yet done loading their roster for next season. The Nets have added Paul Millsap, Patty Mills and could also welcome back LaMarcus Aldridge. If the team feels the roster still lacks some outside shooter, the management should look into its former player.

Joe Johnson still has it

If the Nets or any team wants to add a veteran who can deliver points of the bench, they should look at Joe Johnson. He is 40 years old now, which may hinder management from offloading cash to sign him, but stats prove he can still deliver.

Iso Joe now plies his trade for the Big 3. Although the competition there is not on the NBA level, most players are ex-pros or those whose careers failed to take off in the pros. Some of the notable names in the league are Nick Young, Leandro Barbosa, Jarette Jack, and Amir Johnson. Gilbert Arenas and Gary Payton will be on the sidelines as coaches. 

Johnson last played in the NBA in 2018 for the Houston Rockets. He averaged only six points there, but he’s focused on proving he still has a lot of gas left. The 20-year-veteran joined the Big 3 and has collected back-to-back MVP trophies.

Not only did he win it for two years in a row, but he also did it by erasing his former scoring record. Should teams look to add him to the roster?

Why teams might not sign him

Age and playing time will be the biggest hurdles for both the NBA team and Johnson if he decides to return. Any team could offer the roster spot or salary intended for Iso Joe to younger players who could still improve in the upcoming years. Would Johnson accept a more diminished role now than what he had with Houston three years ago? Would he rather spend time on the bench than play regular minutes in the Big 3? 

The difference between the two leagues is vast. There is no assurance that Johnson could replicate what he did to the Big 3 in the NBA. What will make his move reasonable if he signs with a contender such as the L.A. Lakers or the Brooklyn Nets. The Lakers are already the oldest team in league with a 32.4 average age. They could go all in and sign another aging veteran who wants to win a ring before officially retiring from the game.