Shareef O’Neal got a tattoo of his dad

Shareef O’Neal got a tattoo of his dad

Shaq calls it one of his best games ever. It’s the most defining moment of his Kobe partnership because the most surprising thing happened – Kobe passed him the ball in a clutch moment of a game 7! If you still can’t remember, here’s a reminder.

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And it was a pass by Kobe!!!

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Shaq running and pointing to someone in the crowd is one of his most iconic images. His recent appearance at Jimmy Kimmel revealed he was pointing to his son Shareef, who was two years old at the time. We all run to family to celebrate, but there’s a special story behind this moment.

So he was two years old. I didn’t even know he could talk. So, I’m downstairs eating my meal and he comes to me and he says “Daddy, win.” That’s the first thing he ever said to me. I’m like “You can talk?” … Kobe throws me the great lob, I catch it down and I was like “I WON BABY!

Kimmel was thinking what you are probably thinking. Why did he buy his family tickets in the nosebleeds? Shaq joked he didn’t have the money for floor seats. Wherever he was, Shaq’s son also holds it in high regard. So high, he decided to get a tattoo of it.

Yep, Shareef O’Neal tattooed his father on his leg, that very moment after Shaq threw down the lob from Kobe. Which poses a very important question for all of us: if you had to get a tattoo of your dad, what would it be?