Shaquille O'Neal & Steph Curry

Shaquille O’Neal thinks Steph Curry is already the greatest shooter of all-time

Shaquille O’Neal thinks Stephen Curry is officially the greatest shooter of all time, and at the moment, he is his favorite player in the NBA.

Curry is going for another MVP award

The Golden State Warriors are currently cruising through the regular season, blowing out pretty much every team they play against and displaying the same type of dominance we’ve seen when they were winning championships not so long ago. They have a great and well-rounded team, but it’s Steph Curry who is playing like an MVP once again and now leading the league in scoring, showcasing he is absolutely unstoppable on offense and that there isn’t a player or a defense that can stop him.

His dominance this season has sparked conversations among NBA fans and former players on his ranking among the best players in the league at the moment. If you ask Shaquille O’Neal, there is no question he is deserving of that accolade. Shaq is convinced when it’s all said and done; Curry will be considered the most excellent shooter of all time, with no one even close to that status. Other greats like Klay, Reggie, and Allen will be in the conversation as one of the best shooters but on the same level as Steph.

Shaq believes Steph is the greatest shooter of all-time

“The reason Steph is my favorite player is that I’ve never seen anybody do it like he does. I’ve seen real greatness, and if you are not equal or above that, you get no props from me. All the great players have certain titles. There are only a 2 or 3 guys you can talk about as the greatest ever. Two guys, you can talk about as the most dominant. He is going to sit by himself as the best shooter ever. You can’t even put him in one of the best. Because of Steph, Reggie, and Ray, and those guys go down to one of the best shooters. Steph is there all by himself as the best shooter ever. I would actually pay to go and see him.”

The Warriors once again have a unique opportunity to win the NBA championship based on their performance so far this season. On top of that, they are still missing the second Splash Brother in Klay Thompson and James Wiseman, who will join the team after they fully recover from their injuries. However, even without them, the Warriors are tremendous thanks to Steph Curry, who is definitely an early MVP candidate, and even though he is already 33 years old, it doesn’t seem age is catching up to him at all with the way he is dominating the league right now.

Curry is currently averaging 29.5 points per game to go along with 6 rebounds and 6.5 assists on pretty effective shooting percentages. Also, one thing that seems to be somewhat unnoticed is his improvement on defense, where the opposing guards no longer have an easy time exploiting him as they did before. Curry is currently on another level, and if you are a basketball fan, you can’t help but admire the way he approaches and plays the game with such ease and elegance.