Shaquille O’Neal once again proves he is larger than life

Shaquille O’Neal once again proves he is larger than life

Shaquille O’Neal is known as one of the most outgoing and generous persons in the sports industry, and the latest story from the Georgia Best buy proves just that. A man who was shopping at Best Buy was surprised when he came across Shaq, who surprised him with a generous offer. 

Patrick Martin describes his encounter with Shaq at Best Buy in South Atlanta on Wednesday. Martin was buying a laptop, and after he saw Shaq, he shared his condolences for the NBA legend and the recent death of his former teammate Kobe Bryant and O’Neal’s sister, who died last year after her long battle with cancer.

Martin’s approach moved Shaq, who immediately offered to pay for the laptop and even told Martin he could get the best in the store, and he will pay for it. 

Shaq’s kindness was on display numerous times in just in the last couple of years, and he often helped people and families who are in real need. The latest act of kindness was when purchased a house for a 12-year-old kid who was paralyzed after a shooting. Several other similar stories came public about Shaq’s generosity, but we are positive. There also numerous stories where his act of kindness didn’t receive any attention from the media. Shaq once again proved he is larger than life.