Shaq thinks Hakeem was better than Jordan

Shaq thinks Hakeem was better than Jordan

One topic that always seems to be trending in the NBA is the never-ending GOAT discussion. Even though Michael Jordan is the obvious choice for most people, a lot of people have started to put names like LeBron or Kobe in the mix. But it seems like Shaq thinks there is someone else in the run.

On the TNT halftime show of the game between the Lakers and the Warriors, the Inside the NBA crew was discussing if Klay Thompson or Demarcus Cousins is the third best player on the Warriors roster. It led to a disagreement between Shaq and Kenny because Shaq stated they couldn’t compare a guard and a big.

Kenny replied by putting MJ in the conversation and claiming that he is better than any big from his era and you can compare them. This is what Shaq had to say:

“Better than which big? Michael Jordan is better than what big? He ain’t better than Hakeem Olajuwon. He is a guard. Kenny, you’re a guard, stay in your category. You can’t compare bigs and guards, stop it.”

Charles Barkley sided with Shaq, as they both still think MJ is the GOAT, but they couldn’t agree with the fact that he is a better player than some big players because they are not comparable.

It is interesting how Hakeem won his two championships in 1994 and 1995 while Jordan was retired, so they never faced each other in their primes. Some think the Bulls could have won championships in those years and even have a bigger streak, while some say “The Dream “ was the most devastating force in the day and couldn’t be stopped.

The Bulls went a combined 3-7 against the Rockets in Jordan’s first three title seasons and the two seasons after Jordan retired for the first time. Hakeem ’s teammate Robert Horry even said Michael Jordan was scared of Hakeem. That is less than likely, as Jordan could have definitely taken on the challenge, but the outcome will always stay unanswered.