Shaq tased a guy for how much?

Shaq tased a guy for how much?

Shaq’s antics are well known around the league. Shaqtin is the result of a lifetime of pranks and jokes, some more extreme than another. For instance, we’ve heard a few times he would run around the training facility naked trying to hug people and express his love to them.

On a recent episode of “Fair game” with Kristine Leahy, Bill Bellamy told a story from Shaq’s early days in Orlando. Bellamy, Shaq’s cousin, was hanging with Shaq when he purchased a new taser. How much would you ask for someone to test their new taser on you?

That’s precisely what Shaq wanted to find out, so he offered $10.000 to anyone in his crew to tase them. Everyone’s first reaction was to refuse, but it only takes one, and Shaq found him. A member of the crew agreed, and Shaq tased him to test out his new gear.

This got me thinking, how much would I ask for? Shaq’s first contract was a rookie scale, a four-year $17,4 million. Ten grand was worth more in the early ’90s than it did today, but you have to try at least to negotiate with the man. Knowing Shaq’s love of pranks and having fun, he could’ve got at least $25.000. I think that would’ve been my price.

How much would you ask for?