Shaq takes another brutal shot at Dwight Howard
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Shaq takes another brutal shot at Dwight Howard

Shaquille O’Neal was never a big fan of Dwight Howard, and the animosity between the two has been going on for years now. It all started when Dwight took over the ‘Superman’ nickname from Shaq during his Orlando Magic days, and it hasn’t stopped ever since. Most recently, Shaq criticized Dwight after winning the NBA championship with the Lakers, but that in somewhy backfired because fans were frustrated with Shaq for not showing much support.

During his appearance on The Big Podcast with Shaq, he used the opportunity to respond to the criticism he received for his comments about Dwight. Shaq is always speaking his mind, and he didn’t stop there by saying there is a big difference if someone wins a championship in his prime leading the team and being a role player like Howard was this year with the Lakers.

A lot of people wanted to say what I said. That right there was for the great players that didn’t win. That didn’t win during their prime. That right there was for the great players who didn’t jump on people’s back to get a win. That’s what that was for. You say I’m hating, you can only hate if you haven’t achieved. Listen, I’ve been there and done that. I am still the Lord Supreme of all big men until somebody surpasses me. I’m the last big man to get an MVP; therefore I’m still in charge. When another big men gets the MVP in this league, I will resign gracefully.

Shaquille O’Neal, via The Big Podcast with Shaq

Many people were surprised by Shaq’s negative comments, but it seems he doesn’t care and was very vocal about what he thinks of Dwight and his most recent accomplishment. No matter what Dwight does, Shaq will never approve. Shaq believes Dwight was carried to his only championship by others, and in this specific case, it was LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who played an exceptional final series against the Miami Heat.