Shaquille O’Neal on why he doesn’t approve of NBA superteams

Shaquille O’Neal on why he doesn’t approve of NBA superteams

The trend of superstars joining forces to win a championship is not old news, and it became pretty standard in today’s NBA. It’s often believed things were done differently in that regard back in the ’90s or even before that when players actually wanted to compete instead of teaming up with each other.

Shaquille O’Neal, who belongs to that generation of players, commented on the whole topic by saying his primary goal was to beat the best in the game. Shaq hosted on the Jimmy Kimmel show, explaining why he never wanted to team up with other great players and form superteams. During the 90’s you had to play against some outstanding teams and individuals on these teams, so Shaq’s primary goal was to outplay all of his opponents.

“I’m from the era where guys wanted to compete and beat each other. So I would wait to see who’s teaming up and doing that and I would go on a team that needs a superstar and I would teach those guys how to beat the superteams.”

Shaquille O’Neal, via Jimmy Kimmel

The Milwaukee Bucks winning the championship this year is legitimate proof of what Shaq is saying about not needing a superteam to win titles. With no disrespect to the Bucks, who showcased excellence outside of Giannis, none of the other guys is a big-time name, even though they are great players in their own right. On top of that, Middleton and Giannis were drafted by the Bucks a long time ago there, and Jrue Holiday was one of the best free-agent signings this past offseason. That is the old-school approach the Bucks took, and it paid off, and Giannis said at the press conference yesterday that he had the opportunity to join a superteam, but that is not his mentality and something that he would do at all.