Several players are unhappy with how NBA teams treat the players that are about to get traded from the team

Several players are unhappy with how NBA teams treat the players that are about to get traded from the team

It has always been known that the NBA is above everything else all about business and making the right moves at the right times in order to be competitive and successful in the league. The teams are always looking to improve their roster or to save money on player’s contract and that is why nobody is safe from getting traded in the NBA, not even the biggest stars sometimes.

The NBA players themselves are perfectly aware of these facts, however, some of them raised their concerns recently on how players are treated by the NBA teams. Josh Hart recently announced he gave everything he had for the Lakers and they end up trading him into the Pelicans without even giving him a phone call, which in his mind was completely unprofessional.

“I played my ass off for the purple and gold. I played hurt and never had an excuse. I’m truly grateful to the Lakers organization and I do understand the NBA is a business. But as a player you just want the courtesy of a phone call saying I got traded and not finding out on Twitter.”

Jared Dudley was also one who shared his experience with teams that traded him, which happened three times in his career. Dudley said he out of those three times he only received a phone call once from a team prior to getting traded to a different team and compared that experience with the draft night when you are not completely sure where you’ll end up playing.

“I’ve been traded 3 times since I been in the league and only once have I got a phone call before news broke, and that was pre-social media. That’s not the nature of this business, just like finding out where you’re getting drafted before hearing from the team.”

The question that presents itself in this popular debate is whether the NBA teams can use the “it’s an only business” explanation as to the only one when players are getting traded without them knowing so. The courtesy of giving them a heads up is something that many players are implying in this type of scenario because those decisions actually put players in life-changing situations especially if they have families and kids. The NBA should definitely look to make improvements when it comes to these types of situations and actually introduces mechanisms in which players should be notified if they are getting traded so they can better prepare themselves and their families for those moments.