Scottie Pippen’s near-perfect game

Scottie Pippen’s near-perfect game

On February 23, 1991, Scottie Pippen had arguably the best game he ever played. That day, the Charlotte Hornets were visiting the Bulls in snowy Chicago were forced to try and contain an ice-cold Pip.

During that time, the Chicago Bulls took control of the Central Division, many thanks to the stellar play of Michael Jordan and the rest of his Bulls. However, for the game against the Hornets, Micahel would take the back seat and let Scottie take full control.

Pippen, who made 16 of the 17 total shots he took, scored 43 points that Saturday night at Chicago to lead the Bulls in a 129-108 victory over the Charlotte Hornets. He went .941 % from the field, meaning he almost had a truly perfect shooting game.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, he did all of that in only 31 minutes of playing time, making this scoring performance truly historical. Now we already know that Pip was criminally underrated for much of his career, and remembering games like this help his case even more.

The victory provided by Pippen was the Bulls’ ninth victory in a row during the 91′ season, and it enabled them to pull three games ahead of their biggest adversary at the time, the Detroit Pistons. Pippen’s personal best was one more than Jordan’s highest point total that season.

The Bulls went into the game with Pippen making all eight of his shots and so the Bulls took a 41-25 lead. The Hornets responded by settling down to make it a close game for the first half, but the Bulls scored the first 10 points in the third quarter. It became a rout before the period ended.

Jordan, who had 29 points, and Horace Grant, who had 20 on seven-for-eight shooting, gave Pippen what little help he needed that, as the Bulls shot 61.2% from the field, almost 30% less than Pippen himself.