Scottie Pippen: “How long can a player of your caliber take losing?”

Scottie Pippen: “How long can a player of your caliber take losing?”

Trae Young sat down with Rachels Nichols, Scottie Pippen, and Tracy McGrady to discuss his MIPY season, during NBA’s All-Star 2020 weekend in Chicago.

Ice Trae has been exceptional this year. He’s averaging ten points a game more this season compared to last, making him a legitimate contender for the most improved player of the year award, along with Luka Doncic and Brandon Ingram.

I just think the game has slowed down a lot for me… I knew, going into my second season what to work on. Coming in as a rookie, you don’t necessarily know what to work on, going to your first year. The game has definitely slowed down for me, and I’ve elevated my game.

Trae also commented on the immeasurable impact Vince Carter had on him for the last two years in Atlanta.

Vince has been a great vet for me, who I probably get on his nerves a lot because of all of the questions I’ve asked him over the past two years. He’s the master of longevity, and for me, I want to be in this league for a long time.

Scottie Pippen, the six-time NBA champion, naturally, went on to ask Trae a somewhat provocative question.

How long can a player of your caliber take losing?

Scottie Pippen

Not long, for me, I’ve always been taught, “Win takes care of everything.” so my mind is focused on winning and figuring out ways to help my team win. That’s my main priority, trying to help my team win.

Nobody wants to be part of a losing team; it’s simple as that. Trae’s reply to Scottie and his entire reasoning concerning losing was very graceful. Ice Trae made sure to show his loyalty and dedication to the Hawks.

Trae continued to praise Atlanta’s front office, how they are continually helping the franchise get better, and making the right moves. With additions like Capela and Nene, one could argue the Hawks are the winners of the most recent trade deadline.