Scottie Pippen claims the famous pass from MJ to Kerr happened because of the documentary

Scottie Pippen claims the famous pass from MJ to Kerr happened because of the documentary

Scottie Pippen is on a roll, and he is not holding back. The former NBA player left an illustrious Hall-of-Fame career behind him, being known as that quiet side-kick that did all the dirty work and helped Michael Jordan win six championships. But now, Pippen has decided to come out of the shadow and tell his side of the story.

After the release of “The Last Dance” documentary, Pippen switched his whole demeanor due to disliking how he was portrayed. So, Scottie decided to come out with numerous controversial statements, especially on the latest Dan Patrick Show. After saying some pretty contentious stuff regarding Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan, Pippen also dove into one of the most memorable Finals moments ever, Jordan passing to Kerr for the victory.

We are talking about the infamous game-winner from Steve Kerr in the 1997 NBA Finals, that won the Bulls Game 6 and their fifth championship. But the story behind the shot was Jordan preparing Kerr in the huddle before the play, telling him to be ready if the Jazz comes to double. That moment went in history as one of the most iconic ones ever, but Pippen came out with a different portrayal of how the moment actually went down:

“What do you mean, Phil set up a play for Steve Kerr? He didn’t set that play up for Steve Kerr; he set that play up for Michael Jordan…Man, you don’t wanna get this show started because it will take us a long time. You know all the cameras that sitting in that huddle who they were working for? You know who Michael was speaking to when he said that, right? That was planned. That was speaking to the camera. That wasn’t speaking out of what we were gonna have to do, what the play is gonna be. That was speaking to the camera. Had John Stockton not come down, trust me. That was building his own documentary because he knew he was controlling the cameras.”

Scottie Pippen, The Dan Patrick Show

The usually calm and cheerful Pippen seemed a bit irritated during the whole interview, especially this segment. Scottie wanted to display how MJ was doing it all for a show, knowing good and well when he was being filmed to make for better a documentary. We all know Jordan is a businessman, but these statements are a bit bold.

It’s hard to believe Michael was thinking about how a documentary will look while battling in a clutch situation of the NBA Finals. Who knows, maybe Jordan or even Kerr comes out with a statement regarding the situation, but for now, Pippen is talking and spilling everything out, and we are all listening. What is truth and what is not is up to debate, but at least it is pretty entertaining.

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