Sam Mitchell shares how he learned the hard way no to trash-talk Michael Jordan: ‘I used to call him ball head’

Sam Mitchell shares how he learned the hard way no to trash-talk Michael Jordan: ‘I used to call him ball head’

There are countless Michael Jordan trash-talking stories in which he is talking trash to others players, or other players talk trash to him, but it backfires horribly. Former NBA player Sam Mitchell recently shared a story that falls in the second category because he soon realized there is no point in trash-talking Jordan and hoping to get away with it without consequences.

During an appearance on the Pure Hoops Media podcast, Mitchell shared a story of him playing against the Chicago Bulls and Jordan while he was a member of the Indiana Pacers. Throughout the ’90s, the Pacers were a powerhouse and one of the most consistent playoffs teams that often battled it out with the Bulls for their supremacy in the eastern conference.

In that specific game, Mitchell shares how the Pacers were up by double digits in the fourth quarter when he thought it might be a good idea to start talking to Michael. Just like with other players before and after Mitchell, that proved to be the biggest mistake he made that game.

We were playing you guys at the old Chicago Stadium, and we were up late in the fourth quarter with like 4 minutes to go. I think Reggie was at the free-throw line to put us up by like 13. The only time I could talk trash to Mike, I used to call him ball head. I used to tell him all the time, no matter how great you are, you got no damn hair. So I looked at him and told him, ‘Hey ball head, we got that ass, we came in to get that ass tonight. He looked at me and said, man, I ain’t even started playing yet. He scored 19 straight points and beat us by five. I learned that moment to leave the ball head alone after that.

Sam Mitchell, via Pure Hoops Media

Even though we’ve had the opportunity to hear many great trash-talking stories featuring Jordan throughout the years, it’s always fascinating to hear new ones that come out every once in a while. They are the ultimate proof of how big of a competitor Jordan was throughout his entire career and how it didn’t take much to motivate him. He often played mind games with his opponents to get himself going, and Sam Mitchell had the opportunity to witness that firsthand.