Russell Westbrook is having serious problems shooting the ball and it might hurt OKC in the long run

Russell Westbrook is having serious problems shooting the ball and it might hurt OKC in the long run

We knew it before and we know it now, Russell Westbrook is not a great shooter. Despite the fact, he is not efficient shooting from some positions on the floor he is a valuable player and a true franchise player because he can do so many other things on a nightly basis.

You could say that he is a “sometimes shooter” which is the same description Phil Jackson used for Scottie Pippen who could definitely do everything on the floor but shooting from beyond the three-point wasn’t something he was extremely efficient.

Despite the fact he knows he is not efficient making these types of shots, that doesn’t stop Westbrook from taking them in high volume.  He is currently shooting 23 percent from the three-point land which is subpar and way bellow the league average.

To put in perspective how poor Westbrook has shot this season, out of 175 players to attempt more than 150 threes this season, Westbrook ranks 175th in 3pt%.

Westbrook is at the moment shooting 42 percent from the field, but it seems his shooting is getting worse based on his performances in recent weeks. The inconsistency is there and there could be many factors and the main one is definitely the injuries he suffered throughout this season.

He is also struggling from the free throw line shooting only 62 percent which is by far his career low.

Despite being the worst shooter who continues to take more and more shots, Westbrook is on his way to having another season averaging a triple-double for the whole season. This would essentially be his third season in a row doing something that is really historic and remarkable at the same time.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are sitting on the third place in a strong western conference and are in a really good position even though Westbrook is having one of his worst shooting seasons in a 10-year-long career.

If Westbrook finds a way to create better shots for himself this could only help the Thunder in being a very dangerous opponent in the playoffs where there is no room for mistakes.