Rose drops 50

Rose drops 50

Out of all the 50 point nights we had so far (and we had a lot for being only two weeks into the season), this one is a bit more special than the others, and the reason behind it is the fact its protagonist was Derrick Rose. Former ’10/’11 MVP (LeBron is still salty about that one, by the way) who then suffered several severe knee injuries, a bad year in New York, an insignificant in Cleveland and then a much-criticized return to Thibs is the comeback story that had all of NBA praising last night.

A team that has been going through a lot of drama needed a night like this, something that will bring them together and a story they can celebrate for a change. No one expected this. Rose struggled to get back to his MVP form for years now, but as much as he had issues on the court, he also had them off the court.

A civil trial that involves a sexual battery suspicion, sudden disappearances from Cleveland where Woj knew where he was before the Cavs did, it is obvious Rose had been dealing with even more issues off the court. He made a lot of money in his career suffered a lot of injuries, and most of us would retire, come out of the spotlight, deal with the off-court stuff and enjoy Hawaii.

That’s what makes this so spectacular. He didn’t give up. As he told Marc Spears from The Undefeated: “I am going to run with any opportunity. That is my goal. Get back in, and anything that comes my way I am going to grab it. I have no time to be feeling spiteful. I don’t want to say, ‘Look at me’ or ‘Look at what they did.’ I don’t have no time for that. What I am doing right now is history in my own world.”


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The Timberwolves were PUMPED to see D-Rose drop 50 ? (via @jeffteague)

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He didn’t give up, and the basketball gods rewarded him. If it was even for one night, he deserved every second of it.

photo by Keith Allison