RON HARPER THINKS MICAHEL JORDAN wouldn’t have won all those championships without his role players

RON HARPER THINKS MICAHEL JORDAN wouldn’t have won all those championships without his role players

For those who don’t remember, Ron Harper was once one of the best two way shooting guards in the NBA at the end of the ’80s. Unfortunately, injuries and afterward age caught up with Harper, who transformed himself into a great role player, especially during his time with the Chicago Bulls with whom he won 3 championships.

Going from someone who was pretty much the best player on a Cavs team that was actively competing in playoffs to a role player on the Bulls is something Harper accepted. He also experienced the importance of providing solid minutes from the bench and, in a recent interview, said Michael Jordan wouldn’t win as much as he did without the help of his role players.

Harper acknowledged his former teammates since every single one of them brought various skillset to a team that was coached by Phil Jackson, who knew how to perfectly create a system that will work for everyone. During his 5 years with the Bulls, Harper got to know his teammates really well and said Jordan was also fortunate enough to play with all of them. They worked really great as a group, and having someone like Jordan influenced them to play even better and work harder than ever before.

“MJ is a great player, but without his role players, he wouldn’t have won as many championships as he had. When he started with the first championships, he had a young Horace Grant, young Pippen, young BJ Armstrong veterans in Bill Cartwright and John Paxson and a great basketball coach. “

Ron Harper

After leaving the Bulls, Harper joined another championship squad when the Los Angeles Lakers started their three-peat in 2000. Harper won 2 more rings with the Lakers providing critical minutes from the bench and than decided to retire at 37. Harper is an excellent example of a great player capable enough to transform his career in the right way, resulting in 5 NBA championships in his resume.