Ron Harper explains why he doesn’t compare Michael Jordan to LeBron James

Ron Harper explains why he doesn’t compare Michael Jordan to LeBron James

One of the most popular debates these days among NBA fans analysts in the NBA is the one that actually can’t be decided upon and doesn’t have a clear answer to the question. That debate is whether Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James or vice versa. The majority of fans and analysts would put Jordan in front of LeBron in those discussions; however, it’s important to stress out that they are both different types of players.

Jordan was known as a relentless scorer and a great defensive player. At the same time, LeBron, aside from his ability to score the basketball, is a fantastic playmaker in a power forward body.

It’s always great to hear what former players think about these comparisons and how they view both players. Jordan’s former teammate Ron Harper gave an interesting comparison of both players and said LeBron should be compared to Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson. On the other hand, Jordan was highly regarded because of his offense and ability to score 40 points on any team in the NBA while locking up their best perimeter player.

On top of that, Harper said Jordan’s defensive ability was also something to be aware of at all times and is an underrated aspect of his game. LeBron is a good defender when he wants to be, but Jordan, in his time, was able to lock down opposing players for good.

“They make the wrong comparison. When you look at LeBron James you have to think about Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson, big guards who can do everything. One thing they don’t give MJ credit for was his defense. MJ was aggressive on defense, one of the best of all-time at the two-guard spot. He doesn’t get any credit for that because everyone wants to talk about the way he scored the basketball, but MJ was a great defensive ballplayer too. So I don’t really put LeBron in that MJ conversation. I put LeBron with those big guys.”

Ron Harper

LeBron still has more years left in his tank, and if he wins one or two more championships, it will hard to say he is not better and more accomplished than Jordan. It all depends on the personal preference people have for specific players at the end of the day. Both of them command tremendous respect, no matter who you root for in the never-ending GOAT debates.