Rockets GM Daryl Morey has a special message for Ray Allen

Rockets GM Daryl Morey has a special message for Ray Allen

About a month ago, during the All-Star Weekend in Charlotte the annual Celebrity Game was being played, as a few retired NBA legends participated in the event. But one, in particular, stood out, as Ray Allen showed he is still in tremendous form and maybe even ready to still play in the league.

He certainly caught the eye of the Houston Rockets owner, Daryl Morey who offered him a 10-day contract through Twitter, but he didn’t get a response.

A few days ago, Morey shared his thoughts on Allen and his attempt to recruit him via The Rich Eisen Show:

Rich Eisen:” After Ray Allen lit it up in the celebrity game, Bleacher Report said ‘Someone give Jesus Shuttlesworth a 10-day.’, you retweeted ‘We are in if he is in’ “

Daryl Morey: “Yeah, he’s my white whale. Since he walked away from the game, he’s acted like he might come back through his agent many times. We chased him down at the golf course once.”

Rich Eisen: “What do you mean?”

Daryl Morey: “He’s famously hard to reach. His own agent can’t communicate with him half the time and so I’ve been chasing for a while. He’s perfect for our system, he keeps himself in unbelievable shape, so people thought that [tweet] was a joke, that is not a joke. Ray Allen, I will sign Ray Allen to a 10-day tomorrow or today if he says he’s in, and probably a bigger contract actually, but for sure the 10-day easy.”

Rich Eisen: “Well, I mean the camera is right there Daryl, just in case Ray is out there. You want to go ahead and address it right there Daryl…”

Daryl Morey: “Ray Allen you know we’ve been obsessively chasing you for years, we think you’re perfect for our system. Come to the Houston Rockets, win another championship, it’s time.”

Rich Eisen: “Okay, there you go. What do you mean you chased him at a golf course?”

Daryl Morey: “He wouldn’t call his agent back and we wanted to sign him during free agency. This was probably 2 years ago, maybe 3, and he’s like maybe your only shot is at this charity golf event, just donate and try and get him. I couldn’t make it, but we sent one of our staff there to try and chase him down and nope couldn’t get to him.”

Ray Allen played lastly in 2014, as he is now 43 years old and probably done with basketball, but still you can’t help yourself to think that Allen in his condition and with his beautiful shooting stroke would be a good fit with the Rockets who are known for shooters thriving in their system and be even a valuable piece in the Rockets run for the championship.