Robert Pack — One of the most underrated dunkers in NBA history

Robert Pack — One of the most underrated dunkers in NBA history

When you talk about the best dunkers in NBA history, names like Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, or Julius Erving are the first to come up. But back in the ’90s, we had one of the more exciting dunkers that many people forgot – Robert Pack.

Pack was not an intriguing college prospect, as he went undrafted in the 1991 Draft. He made his way onto an NBA team, signing as a free agent with the Portland Trailblazers in 1991. Pack made the team and was part of the team that went to the 1992 Finals, only to lose to Jordan and the Bulls.

After that season, Pack got traded to the Nuggets, where he had some of his career’s best highlights. Being 6’2″ and very athletic, he became a fan favorite. Pack ended up playing three seasons for the Nuggets, improving more and more each season and being a valuable piece in the famous 1-8 upset over the Sonics in the 1994 Western Conference Playoffs.

After that, Pack became a sort of a journeyman in the NBA, switching many teams. He did have a great season with the Bullets averaging 18.1 points and 7.8 assists per game, but he only ended up playing 31 games because of injuries. The injuries would stop him from achieving a better career and retiring from the NBA in 2004. He ended up playing two more seasons overseas with Valencia and Zalgiris. Those were his last professional seasons, as Pack decided to hang them up after that.

Still, that wasn’t the end of Pack’s NBA journey as he became an assistant coach of the Hornets in 2009. He coached a few teams in between, as he is currently an assistant coach for the Washington Wizards.

Pack maybe didn’t have the most memorable career when it comes down to stats, but fans of 90’s NBA basketball definitely know who he was. He even participated in the 1994 Dunk Contest, being the runner-up to Isiah Rider. He was one of the better in-game dunkers due to his unbelievable lateral quickness and vertical jump combined with being fearless in taking it to the chest of bigger guys—just one of those players with a very fun mixtape to watch.