Robert Horry explains why players are jealous of KD’s abilities

Robert Horry explains why players are jealous of KD’s abilities

When players come back from injury, they usually need some time to get their rhythm and feel for the game back, so coaches limit their minutes. And then there’s Kevin Durant. He showed that at the beginning of the season, and he’s showing us throughout this whole season. The Nets‘ star player was out recently with a thigh contusion, and he got back against the Phoenix Suns.

And in the return game, Durant dropped 33 points and shot 12 of 21 from the floor. He added six rebounds, four assists, and two steals. KD recorded another overall productive night in only 28 minutes and coming off the bench. That was only the third time he hadn’t been in the starting five in his career, but that didn’t reflect on his game. Coach Steve Nash has talked with KD about coming off the bench, and KD agreed with the idea.

“It’s like riding a bike, You get your footing right and just get your rhythm going, and I think my teammates did a great job of looking for me all game, and I just wanted to resort back to that work I put in. The shots I work on at practice and shoot around, try to get to those as much as possible to gain my rhythm and then start to get a little more creative as the game progressed. It was a good start”

Kevin Durant,

His words caught the attention of the crew on ESPN’s The Jump, where Robert Horry and Richard Jefferson talked about Durant’s display. Horry even said that Durant’s post-game comment says a lot about his mindset.

“He called this an exercise. This is light work for him. That’s what you have to pick up on. When he steps on the court, he makes it look so effortless and so easy. We both played the three spot, he just makes you jealous man.”

Robert Horry, The Jump

Horry surely isn’t the only one who is jealous of KD’s skills – many players around the league would love to possess Durant’s versatility and natural flow within the game. So the Nets’ fans don’t need to worry about their team lagging behind other contenders. Brooklyn didn’t provide any updates on Harden’s status or precise return date, but Brooklyn should be just fine with KD and Kyrie Irving leading them to the No.1 place in the East.