Robert Horry calls out Kawhi Leonard: ‘As a Clipper fan, I would be mad at Kawhi’

Robert Horry calls out Kawhi Leonard: ‘As a Clipper fan, I would be mad at Kawhi’

The free agency is in full swing, and even though we’ve already seen several important trades and signings, there is still one free agent whose current situation is under a lot of question marks. Kawhi Leonard was supposed to sign a new deal with the Los Angeles Clippers, and even though everyone believed that was just a formality, it seems the negotiations have stalled. There is a lot of uncertainty if Kawhi will sign a contract extension with the Clippers, which puts them in a challenging position.

In 2019, Kawhi signed a two-plus-one deal with the Clippers and has a player option in his contract for the 2021/22 season. That made Kawhi an unrestricted free agent with several options at his disposal. Having multiple options as a player is always a great thing, however according to former NBA player Robert Horry, Clippers fans should be mad at Kawhi for the way he is treating the team so far in this free agency.

As a Clipper fan, I would be mad at Kawhi because there are a lot of free agents sitting there and watching what Kawhi will do cause we might join your franchise. With him sitting back, waiting, and trying to see what other guys are getting, seeing what he wants to do is not fair to the organisation because the organization went out his way to give you everything you wanted in these past couple of seasons. But now you are putting them in a bad situation. You talk about winning championships and being better, but you are going to need some pieces because you lost some pieces. If you don’t sign early so people can say, okay, Kawhi is staying put, and I can come and join them.

Robert Horry, via ESPN

Everything Horry mentioned makes absolute sense, and Kawhi is playing a dangerous game with the Clippers because he tests the market and sees how much money he can get the most out of the Clippers. That might cause problems for them, especially if they planned to sign more free agents that could help them win a championship. Now everything is on hold until Kawhi signs a new contract, and the Clippers haven’t made any major changes to their roster so far in this free agency. Whatever Kawhi decides about his future, the Clippers hope he makes the decision soon because a lot of their planning in the near future will depend on his decision.