Robert Horry believes he deserves more respect for his 7 NBA championships

Robert Horry believes he deserves more respect for his 7 NBA championships

Former NBA player and 7-time NBA champion Robert Horry had an interview for Fox Sports where he talked about the lack of appreciation he is getting for everything he’s done in his career. Horry was an integral part of three championship squads and is most certainly one of the most decorated players in NBA history, even though he was never the best individual on neither of those teams. Horry had this specific superpower of hitting clutch shots when it mattered the most, which earned him the nickname ‘Big Shot Rob.’

Horry believes most fans and people outside of the close NBA circles don’t know much about his recognition and the magnitude of his impact on some teams. Even though Horry was never a first, second, and sometimes even a third option on those championship squads when teams needed a big shot in crunch times, they all went to Horry. He even admits that but believes he was that missing link on all of those squads that enabled them to win titles.

A part of you gets mad because I don’t think people outside the NBA family — and when I say ‘NBA’ I’m saying coaches and players — they don’t really respect what I did and they don’t really understand what I did and what I was able to accomplish. It’s always, ‘Oh he was a part. Oh, he was a part.’ Yeah, I was a part, but I was a significant part.
“You can’t have Kool-Aid without sugar, and I was the sugar to most of that stuff.”
“More than half the time, I feel slighted because I don’t think people really appreciate what I did. Even [Monday], with me tweeting [about Brady], there’s always people going, ‘Oh, this, this, and this.’ I don’t pay any attention because if it was one of my teammates that would’ve said it, then it would’ve had some meaning.”

Robert Horry, via Fox Sports

If you watched him during his career with the Rockets, Lakers, and the Spurs, you have to appreciate everything this man has done in his career. Even though his best individual season was with the Rockets when he averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds, his impact is not visible if you only look at the stat sheet. Tim Duncan once said Horry has an excellent characteristic to show up unexpectedly but flattering in the most pressing situations. Nobody expects it, but everyone deep down knows he will make a clutch play for his team.

Horry deserves more respect because of his knowledge and experience you get playing in that type of game. On top of that, hitting miraculous buzzer-beaters and clutch shots in your entire career is something ordinary NBA players don’t do on the same level Horry did in his playing days.