Rob Lowe reveals Jeanie Buss’ lighter side “She calls me Pelinka”

Rob Lowe reveals Jeanie Buss’ lighter side “She calls me Pelinka”

Running a basketball team with a huge following and rich tradition such as the Los Angeles Lakers is a tall order for anyone. Jeanie Buss uses humor to cope with the job’s demands, and among her favorite suspects for a quick laugh are an actor and her team executive.

Jeanie Buss calls Rob Low “Pelinka”

We all know that former sports agent turned Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka is a dead-ringer for actor Rob Lowe and Buss loves to poke fun at both whenever she gets the chance. Lowe revealed Jeanie calls him Pelinka as often as possible. 

“That’s all a Jeanie Buss thing. The Rob Pelinka thing, that’s a Jeanie Buss obsession. Whenever she sees me, she calls me Pelinka.”

Rob Lowe, Pardon My Take

The resemblance is uncanny. Some might think the two are siblings and could even substitute for one another. Pelinka acknowledged the similarities and was even in on some pranks before, as reported in Silver, Screen, and Roll

“We had a season ticket holder event and Jeanie Buss and Linda Rambis are really good friends with Rob Lowe — he’s been a huge fan of the Lakers going back to the Showtime teams. So they wanted to kind of lighten up and make the season ticket holder event a little bit more fun… when they introduced me, he walked out onto the stage and started talking. And all of the season ticket holders just assumed it was me talking.”

Rob Pelinka, Silver Screen and Roll

Magic on Pelinka backstabbing him

Magic resigned as the Lakers’ president of basketball operations in 2019 and tagged Rob Pelinka for backstabbing him. The sudden resignation from one of the most popular players and executives proved that not all was well behind the camera. The struggle for power between Magic and Pelinka resulted in the former giving way. It’s a sad way to end Magic’s tenure as President of Basketball Operations as he and Rob were credited in bringing Anthony Davis and LeBron James to the team, rejuvenating the franchise once again in the post Kobe Bryant era. 

The team won a title after Magic left his post, so Pelinka should be credited for the work with Buss. Not everyone can get along, especially in a high-tension, high-stakes position running the Lakers organization. Buss and Pelinka need all the relief they could get to alleviate the pressure, even at the expense of their own selves.