Rivers: “Lakers philosophy is whatever LeBron says it is.”

Rivers: “Lakers philosophy is whatever LeBron says it is.”

A few days ago, LeBron dismissed the idea of practicing load management after the Lakers’ excellent start to the season. LeBron used a similar explanation Kobe did – he can’t sit out knowing that there may be a kid out there that wants to see him play. Doc Rivers were asked about that comment, and his answer made it clear that the Clippers are ready to fight for Los Angeles. 

Playing 82 games, powering through pain and minor injuries is a badge of honor for a lot of NBA players. It’s a measuring stick a lot of Hall of Fame legends talk about, and current players know that. LeBron cares about his legacy, so we can be sure he understands the importance of this issue.

But, he didn’t seem to think about those kids in the stand when e would take his annual winter break in his last few seasons in Cleveland, or when he could’ve come back from his groin injury last season. It was apparent the Lakers weren’t a championship-caliber team, so LeBron did the smart thing – got 100% healthy and fully healed.

Doc Rivers was asked about LeBron’s statement and didn’t wait to fire a few darts towards the Lakers and LeBron. Doc’s been matching up with LeBron since his Cavs and Heat days, so he’s accustomed to LeBron’s media game. Here’s how he responded:


You have to love the way Doc disses people with a smile as if he’s complimenting them. If you didn’t speak English, you’d think he’s praising LeBron and the Lakers.

He first pointed out that it’s not just Kawhi – the entire league understands the value of rest. Rivers then threw in a comment that for sure won’t sit well with Lakers‘ management and coaching staff. Come to think of it, LeBron has also insisted he has less organizational power than is talked about in the media, so he won’t be too happy about it as well. But, Doc ended with the most crucial part – we’ll see at the end.

Looking forward to it.