Richard Jefferson thinks Kevin Durant is absolutely unguardable

Richard Jefferson thinks Kevin Durant is absolutely unguardable

In recent weeks Kevin Durant has been playing like the best player in the world. It’s no longer just offense that makes a big portion of his game but when focused, Durant is able to lock down almost any player in the NBA and make their lives difficult.

In their playoffs series against the Clippers, the Warriors unleashed Durant at them with the full force. In that series, Durant averaged 35 points per game and he continued with the same intensity last night in game 1 against the Rockets as well.

Durant is in his prime years and it seems there isn’t anybody in the league who can slow him down, especially if he gets in his rhythm.

During ESPN’s show “Get Up” Richard Jefferson shared an interesting comparison of Kevin Durant too other legends of the game like Jordan, Bryant, and LeBron and said the size of Kevin Durant is what makes the real difference. Jefferson would continue to compliment Durant calling him the most unguardable human ever created.

“Michael Jordan was 6’6″, Kobe Bryant was 6’7″ and LeBron was around 6’9” but Kevin Durant is a full 3,4 inches taller than all these guys. He is the most unguardable human that’s ever been created from an offensive standpoint. Can shoot, can dribble, can pass, can drive, can do everything, and right now is literally in the prime and pinnacle of his career.”