Richard Jefferson reveals LeBron James’ weird book habit

Richard Jefferson reveals LeBron James’ weird book habit

Richard Jefferson and LeBron James were teammates in Cleveland. One of the main qualities RJ brought to those teams was the fact he didn’t shy away from calling LeBron out. That continued after Jefferson’s retirement, particularly about LeBron’s hair. Now retired from the NBA, RJ shed some light on one of the most asked questions about James. 

James and his NBA tunnel walk routine

The tunnel walk has become a way for NBA players to make a statement. They knew the media would focus them even for a few seconds. The primary “culprit” of making the tunnel walk a thing is without a doubt Russell Westbrook and his fashion sense.

Not to be outdone, LeBron James has also used tunnel walk to showcase his fashion choices. 

But LeBron didn’t limit his tunnel walks to fashion shows. The biggest flex the King made was when he walked around with a glass of wine. In addition to refreshments, James was occasionally seen walking into the locker room reading a book. RJ has answered the question on everyone’s minds in a Q&A with a TikToker: Does LeBron actually read them?

 “Yeah, but a lot of time, he just colors on them. It’s super weird, I’m being honest.”

Richard Jefferson

While we trust LeBron reads the books, using them as a prop before a game is more of a statement and projecting a certain image. The weird thing, according to RJ, is James’ colors on them sometimes. Jefferson could be referring to LeBron highlighting important quotes or parts of the book that motivate or resonate with him, or Jefferson made it up as a prank. (wouldn’t be the first time)

One of the smartest players in the NBA

James has been regarded as one of the smartest players in the league. As a point-forward, he has proven to solve any defensive scheme other teams throw at his teams, as evident in his eighth straight finals appearances from 2011 to 2018. Being successful off the court as well, LeBron proved books are more than a prop in his life.

LeBron’s dedication to education culminated in the I Promise school he opened up. Despite the fact he never went to college, James has a message to all the kids that look up to him – stay in school kids, knowledge is power.