Richard Jefferson responds to KG’s comments about Kyrie: “He has done FAR more disrespectful things”

Richard Jefferson responds to KG’s comments about Kyrie: “He has done FAR more disrespectful things”

Kyrie Irving has been in the center of headlines lately, after all the events in Boston — from the boo’s, almost getting hit by a water bottle, to being accused of intentionally stomping on the Celtics logo during the game. The logo incident has caused mixed reactions around the NBA world, from people thinking it is nonsense to former Celtics Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis harshly criticizing Kyrie and calling him out for disrespecting the historic organization.

“So nobody gonna say anything about Kyrie Stomping “LUCKY” ‘We just gonna act like we didn’t see that Tf going on…. You can’t do that That’s not coo on no level .. All of us need to be better frfr l’m just sayin… Good morning to all n all have a great day.. Happy Memorial Day”

Kevin Garnett, Instagram Stories

“Real bulls***. Like I said you step on lucky you step on everybody that played for that team. Keep the s*** basketball before somebody get hurt in real life.”

Glen Davis,  Instagram

Another former player got into the mix, as Richard Jefferson, who is currently working as an ESPN analyst, took to Twitter to call out Kevin Garnett, saying he doesn’t have any room to talk about the topic of disrespect.

Garnett was known as one of the most passionate, aggressive, and brutal trash-talkers throughout his career. Unfortunately, his style of play and demeanor didn’t win him many friends in the NBA world, as most of the people outside his team and fan base really didn’t like KG. Of course, everyone who has heard the infamous trash-talk stories involving Charlie Villanueva, Tim Duncan, and Carmelo Anthony knows what I’m talking about.

Richard Jefferson played in that era, as he definitely knows all about KG’s antics. RJ was most likely on the other side of his insults at least a couple of times. KG’s intensity and hunger for winning were great and unmatched, but at certain times the line of mannerism became blurry for him, going way beyond good taste. So for him to call somebody out for disrespect seems pretty hypocritical, as Jefferson made sure to point that out.

There is no doubt, Kevin Garnett was a great player and competitor, but he let it get the best of him at certain times. Trash-talk is cool while it is in basketball lines, without any personal life references being involved. Kudos to Richard Jefferson for being amongst the rare to the point that out.