Richard Jefferson recalls Tyronn Lue confronting LeBron James in the 2016 NBA finals

Richard Jefferson recalls Tyronn Lue confronting LeBron James in the 2016 NBA finals

LeBron James is most definitely one of the greatest basketball players ever to grace the court, as his presence and impact on the game also made him one of the most demanding players to coach. LeBron has an impressive basketball mind with his view of the game that his coaches usually have to adapt to because of coaches not being keen on crossing horns with “The King.” But every once in a while, coaches stand up and treat him like any other player. One of them was Tyronn Lue.

Lue and LeBron spent a few seasons together in Cleveland, most notably winning the championship in 2016. The two had a good relationship with each other, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. After all, Lue stepped into the shoes of a head coach pretty young without previous experience, as having LeBron on your team was no easy task. But despite all that Lue showed, he isn’t afraid to call LeBron out and confront him when needed.

Richard Jefferson, who was a part of that Cavaliers team, made an appearance on the “Called Game” podcast and shared the story of Lue confronting LeBron during the epic 2016 Finals:

“Bron and T-Lue got into it at halftime because T-Lue comes in and he’s like ‘Bron I need more’. Bron, understanding game seven, was keeping his emotions in check. Because half the battle in those things is trying to keep your emotions in check. It’s not like he said ‘Bron I need you to play hard’. But he’s like ‘Bron, you’re not playing hard enough.”

Richard Jefferson, via Called Game

Lue’s words would work, as LeBron picked his game up and dominated those Finals averaging 29.7 ppg, 11.3 rpg, and 8.9 apg, winning Finals MVP and leading the underdog Cavaliers to a 3-1 comeback against the infamous 73-9 Warriors. It would go down in history as one of the most memorable championships ever, as the young coach Lue got propelled into the coaching world well deserved. Nowadays, Lue is coaching the LA Clippers and trying to bring the first championships for the Clippers franchise.