Richard Jefferson on the best center in the NBA right now: “We’ve never seen a player like Nikola Jokic”

Richard Jefferson on the best center in the NBA right now: “We’ve never seen a player like Nikola Jokic”

The Denver Nuggets are receiving the least attention from the media in the playoffs so far. The Nuggets haven’t been relevant in the eyes of the wider audience ever since Carmelo Anthony played there even though they had a couple of solid seasons after his trade to the Knicks. This team is comprised of a lot of great role players and two young stars in Jamal Murray and their best player Nikola Jokic who have shown a lot of talent and are already playing like veterans.

Jokic has shown a tremendous capability to dominate the game on almost every level while showing playmaking abilities and if you don’t know he is close to 7 feet. When Jokic plays a great game and scores a triple-double that pretty much means the Nuggets are winning that game.

There was some concern Jokic wouldn’t be able to adapt to the playoff style basketball, however, he surpassed all the expectations and is one of the biggest reasons the Nuggets got so far and are a legitimate candidate to reach the western conference finals.

Former NBA player and now an analyst Richard Jefferson said he Jokic is the best big man in the NBA even though there are a couple of other legitimate candidates like Joel Embiid for example. Jefferson said Jokic is a special player in terms of his size and his capability to make players around him better.

“He is the best big men in the NBA. He is the best big men. Everything around their team has been built around him. He has great players around him like Jamal Murray, Paul Millsap, Gary Harris they got a lot of talent around but it’s all predicated on him. He is aggressive and when he is having triple-doubles that is when the Denver Nuggets are at their best. Show me another big man that has played as many games and has the numbers and is on as good a team as he is. “