Giannis & Davis & Jefferson

Richard Jefferson explains why it’s disrespectful to compare Anthony Davis to Giannis Antetokounmpo

Richard Jefferson said it is unfair to compare Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis because they are not similar at all as players.

Unfair comparisson

The Los Angeles Lakers lost another game last night, this time to the defending champs Milwaukee Bucks behind a monster performance from Giannis. The Greek Freak finished the game with 45 points, displaying incredible desire and passion for winning the game, more than any other player on the court. His adversary on the Lakers, Anthony Davis, had a relatively modest game with only 18 points. Obviously, that sparked a lot of debate on which of these two superstars is a more impactful player for their respective teams.

According to Richard Jefferson, a former NBA player and current analyst, the comparisons are unfair despite some people making them, especially after last night’s game. They are, in essence, similar players, especially when you consider their height and frame, but their skillset is much different, and Jefferson points out the main differences between the two All-Stars.

“We had so much conversation about Anthony Davis being a top 5 player or top 75 ever. I am going to say this; it’s unfair to Anthony Davis to compare him to Giannis. It’s disrespectful to Giannis to compare him to Anthony Davis. They are two different individuals with similar body styles, similar skill set. If anything, I would say Anthony Davis is more talented than Giannis. He can shoot free throws at an 80 percent clip; he can knock down three-pointers in the mid-30s. Giannis can’t do any of those things.”

Davis is more talented but Giannis is a ‘Dog’

Unlike Anthony Davis, whom we see this season playing the center position when the Lakers go small-ball, Giannis often plays the point forward and is the primary facilitator on the Bucks. On top of that, as Jefferson mentioned, their mindset is different, and Giannis has that old-school mentality in which he is ready to do everything possible to get a win for his team.

“But you know what Giannis can do. Giannis has a dog in him, he is a dog, and we haven’t seen that from many players, so at this point in time, it’s unfair to compare those two players.”

When you look at the actual stats, Giannis is having a better season so far individually. Still, both teams are underperforming, and nobody expected that they would struggle so much early on. Anthony Davis had an excellent opportunity to showcase that he can lead the team now that LeBron missed most of the season, but that didn’t happen. He is already taking some slack for not being the leader Lakers need him to be, while Giannis showcased on multiple occasions he is the ultimate leader on the Bucks, ready to will his team to a win at all costs.